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We are living in a very different world right now.  In the midst of instability it is more important than ever for us to fill our minds with God’s truth. 

He is the ONE who is constant. He has assured his people from the time of Moses and Joshua, “I will NEVER leave you nor forsake you”. 

Jesus promised, “I AM WITH YOU to the very end of the age”. 

Let us live under His promise to us.


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April 18, 2021


‘Our Witnessing L.E.D. Light Source’

Acts 1

Pastor Ed Lehman

April 11, 2021

Prequel to ACTS:

‘New Day Dawning!’

John 20-21

Pastor Ed Lehman

April 4, 2021

Christ’s Overcoming Church – Conclusion

‘Overcomers: Our Living Testimony!’

Matthew 28:1-10 and Revelation 1:4-17

Pastor Ed Lehman

March 28, 2021

Christ’s Overcoming Church – Part 10

‘Danger DIY Church?!’

Rev. 3:14-22

Pastor Ed Lehman

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